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2018-05-16 14:01

Albert Salerno


Inlägg: 17

Dongle issue after fixing computer


I have some issues with my TVpaint. After I had to get my computer fixed due to some start up issues, my program wont work anymore. At least it says that the dongle is not attached/ wont work. So I had it tested on my laptop and it seemed just fine. So I just deleted and re-installed it several times again, restarted my computer, ... but no succes. My TVP is version 10 pro, it used to be 10.5 pro. I bought it when I was still in college. I think 3 years ago. I have my lock and unlock code noted down in my book. But even that wont pop up when I re-installed it. I'm at loss and a bit in panic since I am working on a project that should be nearing its end. I have also already send a mail but maybe someone here had already experienced this issue, and at this point I'm just pulling out my hair because of stress.

Please help.

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